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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Algory Project Decreases Hard Cap

Algory Project, algory.io, announces that they are decreasing the Hard Cap number by 40 000 ETH, from 100 000 ETH to 60 000 ETH. Algory has decided to make the change as a result of the upcoming end of registration to the Whitelist.

The decision was also motivated by opinions drawn from the environment of crypto traders and the community focused around the project. There is no doubt that the dynamic increase of the Ethereum price also had an impact on the above decision.

Keeping in mind the soaring price of Ethereum, by over 50%, which has taken place in recent days, Algory decided to adjust the planned level of the hard cap to the current market situation. Algory declares that this change will not affect changes in the project Roadmap, rather, it will encourage a bigger group of people interested in the project to take part in the token distribution.

Algory is going to become a leader in the cryptocurrency trading tools. Algory platform will be connected with the key global cryptocurrency exchanges.

Tomasz Przybycień, Co-Founder of Algory Project, stated:

Reducing the hard cap was motivated by the opinions of the community focused on trading in cryptocurrency for whom the product was created. As traders, we are also aware of the recent strong increase of the Ethereum price. Adjusting to the existing conditions will meet the expectations of people interested in our ICO.

About Algory Project

Algory Project is a powerful and multifunctional tool for cryptocurrency trading. For additional information on Algory visit us at Algory.io, follow us on Twitter, and join our Telegram.



Images courtesy of Algory Project

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